The Private Collection


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The Private Collection is a complete set of delicate actions mixed with the appeal of film finishes. This set it truly from my heart, and based on the lifestyle approach I have taken over the last few years to chronicle my life and loved ones. Now complete, I am delighted to finally share them with you. First, the Simplify trio consists of 3 actions designed for flawless edits perfect for creating classic prints and web posts, and great for everyday simple editing.  Then there are 7  Faux Film color and 3 black and white actions resulting in the classic, lovely feel of film with full control over tone, grain, and depth. Each action can be tweaked from subtle to extreme. Finally there are 5 Finishing actions to add just the right gentle or nostalgic touch. Also, separate instructional actions (marked by asterisks) are included for quick reference and ease of use. The possibilities with this set are endless, and allow you to create your own signature look.

Compatible in Photoshop® CS3-6 only

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Refund Policy: Refunds cannot be provided due to the nature of the products. Please be sure to read through all the requirements prior to purchasing.

*Actions have been run and tested in Photoshop® CS-3-6. Actions will not run properly in Elements (sorry!), please be sure you are running CS 3 or higher prior to purchase.